Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age PS4 review

Final Fantasy is one of popular game series of all time. I want to analyze the changes they’ve made to this remastered project (Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age) in question if this version is better or worse than the original/

2017 marked the 30 year anniversary of the release of the first Final Fantasy and in those three decades these games have taken many forms: from the action-packed spin-offs to the strategy of tactics to the online adventures of a realm reborn. An entry that is often overlooked or completely forgotten though is Final Fantasy XII. It came out a few short months before the PlayStation 3 and I think that really hurt it’s launched badly how GTA 5 Porno Mod.

The dawn of a new console generation really stole the hype from a game that was already having trouble gaining attention. That’s a shame because this is one of the most interesting and experimental titles in the series of long history.

For the Zodiac Age Edition it feels like Square Enix is trying to go back and fix some of the problems people complained about during its PS2 debut and make it more accessible than ever.

This starts with the fact that many of the challenges that made the game so difficult in 2006 that they made slightly easier. A majority of these changes are very logical. For example did you know in the original version they hit some really important items in faraway spots to try and trick you into buying a strategy guide. Stuff like that that was nearly broken has now been fixed, but on top of that we’ll show some other details. In combat spells cast instantly when your turn is ready instead of having that delay.

Guest party members that are usually extremely powerful can now be directly controlled for major damage and some enemies have less health.

These tweaks seem to have been introduced just to try and help the overall flow of gameplay. I have to say that at least they’re very subtle. Even as someone who’s being the original title several times, I only vaguely noticed. It just makes playing through it a lot more simple and I like that. However there are other changes that are much more drastic.

Perhaps the greatest new feature that’s been added is the introduction of a class system. Previously each character was required to essentially pick their role early on and stick with it if you wanted them to grow strong enough to have a chance of defeating later monsters. Having more choices of how we want our character to play really makes things open up. Heroes feel much more customizable this time around because of all these extra combinations for fighting what you’re going to need in order to complete some of the zodiac ages bonus dungeons.

For the fans like me or put off by some of the easier creatures we kill the main adventure, they brought out a new activity to take on called trial mode. I should warn you that this is way way harder than the rest of the game combined.

When you enter trial mode you’re allowed to load any existing save file but if you’re not carrying the absolute best weapons and armor you don’t have a chance of winning. The objective here is to battle to a set of 100 specially designed matches to get more difficult and more complex as you go along. Getting pushed to the limit is the reason you’re here obviously, and yet even veteran players like myself are certainly going to be dying often. Before you tackle this daunting side task it’s a good idea to finish the story and level up a lot. Which with the new speed button is shockingly quick. By pressing l1 you can now toggle how fast you want the game to move. This makes it so exploring areas grinding for money or just testing out new magic takes minutes rather than hours. Using this I’ve done myself the last boss after just a couple days of playing, which really encouraged me to dive into quests that I’d never attempted before, since I didn’t feel as exhausted during the closing chapters like I was in the original.

All these alterations to pacing a gameplay took me a bit to adapt. But now I think there were smart choices because they make the game more accessible to newcomers. At the core of Final Fantasy XII but still the same solid story we always loved. It’s the tale of a young man who gets caught up with some sky pirates and finds himself saving the world from evil judges that kind of look like Darth Vader. This remastered edition is breathing new life into a classic that I think was painfully overlooked and now finally it’s getting the attention it deserves.

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