Unit 13 PS Vita review

Unit 13 is an interesting game. It’s a third-person shooter with a slightly unique tape on the gameplay and features. Dozens of separate missions that can be played in single player or co-op while that sounds like fun and for the most of the time it is the camp. There is a very annoying and strange difficulty that almost ruins the whole experience.


Unit 13 has four different game modes. They are all the same in terms of gameplay but each have their own little difference. Solo missions have 36 missions which form under several different categories. Whether it be stealth speed or describe their kill everyone to see. This creates variety and emissions but isn’t enough to say that you’ll be eager to play all 36 missions. Keeping that in mind each mission can still be fun. You can earn up to five stars in each one and earn points online. This points are stars are what keeps you coming back to the same mission over and over. This missions can be played in a two-player co-op online mode as well, which is fun. But the matchmaking is quite bad and it’s almost impossible to find a game. This game also uses the Vita’s leaders feature so if a friend cause of high-value target and you haven’t unlocked yet, then he can send the location, so you unlock him early. Now after all that here comes the true gameplay value – the David challenge. This is a single mission that literally changes every day, so you always have something new to play Unit 13. You can only play once a day so it gives you an effort to get to leaderboard and chance of getting a high score.

The gameplay is quite similar to other third person shooters, but the objectives of the way the game plays feels like a first-person big stuff with the third person, which feels awkward the slope is the job done. The game also uses the touch screen of the Vita that lets you reload your weapon and activate things. The variety of the gameplay is probably what makes it fun, along with the customization. You can pick out several different operatives to play, as during any mission, it can be leveled up. You can also customize your weapons on board out which makes the missions easier to go through, if you know what you’re doing. Where for the gameplay is fun but with one main problem being a difficulty. Consuming this is a one-man army kind of game, it’s way too hard at times, that you attempted to throw your Vita around the room. No the reason you don’t is because you know it’s worth hundreds of dollars. This may sound like a minor annoyance but this really almost ruins the experience for the whole game, which is a shame.


Overall Unit 13 is a good game. If you have a Vita and are unaware of any of the franchise’s that are on the Vita on this moment, then Unit 13 probably be a good choice.

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