Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 3 review

Welcome to our Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 3 review. We recently put Relics new RTS to the test and found it to be an interesting surprise and blend of mechanic. Relics third installment of the successful Warhammer 40k franchise drawings war series, has enveloped into its core mechanics the total of three armies: the elder, the orcs and the space marines.

Single Player

The single-player campaign pitch you as all three of these armies. In various missions, you get to play as one or more of different armies through the events of the story. The interesting format of the single-player worked very well and it was nice to switch between factions each mission and see the events of certain things from all the different perspectives. It was also a great setup for the multiplayer and here we’re able to learn all of the different factions mechanics as well, as the different factions in each. You were able to level up to certain elite so that you could go into multiplayer after finishing the single player with a levels of elite.

In terms of its core, gameplay mixes traditional RTS combat with a little bit of team tactics, with mobile elements. So each army has your basic unit roster which you can build your base and then build those units from those bases and then you also have an elite system.

The elites are basically exclusive units or hero units that you must spend elite points in a match to field. Once they are fielded, these are new powerful units have multiple abilities and are useful in a variety of situations coupled with. That is of course faction specific abilities such as the elders elvidge storm which is a giant AoE attack that is used to basically destroy entire armies all at once and you can feel that again with the use of elite points.

Each of the factions plays very differently and have their own faction specific mechanics. The orcs, for example, will play very differently and they will field very differently than that of the elder and the space marines.


In terms of multiplayer the multiplayer mode is a very mobile inspired mode. It is a mode that is derived from a delta to style match in which players must compete to destroy each other’s power core. Before you can destroy or even reach the Power Core, however, you have to hit two other objectives: the first being shield generator and the other being a turret. Once those two objectives have been taken out you can then open attack on the enemy’s powerful which is usually surrounded by the enemy’s base structures.

There’s a lot of depth within any given multiplayer match and it’s a lot of fun. The mobile elements don’t really detract from the RTS elements and vice versa and it’s something of a hybrid that is executed very well. The game’s execution and its polish was top-notch and there was very few bugs or even any noticeable glitches or framerate drops within the entire place in the game. The single-player campaign consists of around 17 missions which plus total play time at anywhere between 15 to 20 hours. On top of that is the multiplayer and while there aren’t a great variety of multiplayer modes because there’s only one which is the powerful mode.


No doubt that they will be adding to that post launch. Dawn of War 3 is a great installment to the franchise. It’s a game with very few issues but it’s a game that subjectively will be a hit and miss with fans of the franchise.

Dawn of War was a very traditional RTS, Dawn of War 2 was more of a team takes but tactics RPG with various progression systems that are no longer in the game and Dawn of War 3 is again changed its core mechanics to create something completely new.

It’s a game of that I feel don’t or two fans will probably dislike. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of post-launch support Dawn of War 3 get. If they add more races that will certainly be interesting and no doubt will probably be price heavy DLC. Overall, however, it’s a game that was certainly worth picking up if you’re a Dawn of War fun, if you’re Warhammer 40k fan or you just loved RTS games. It throws some unique twist on the franchise and overall provides a gameplay experiences. That’s well worth it, especially for both the single-player and multiplayer.

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